Royal Adelaide Show 2019

Megs Makes macarons are a sweet little biscuit of perfection using the Italian Meringue method. They contain Almond meal, icing sugar, egg whites and a sugar syrup. Macaron shells are Gluten Free.

Shells can be coloured, flavoured and sandwiched with Buttercream, Cream Cheese Frosting, Curd or Ganache - depending on your taste and overall desired flavour.

Macarons are made to order and are priced from $4 each.

There is a minimum of 12 macarons per flavour for custom orders.

Please be sure to order at least 4 weeks in advance to guarantee availability.

For a list of Macaron Flavours, click here

IMG_6261 2 Large

Bomboniere Macarons

Custom macarons presented in a square acetate box with customised sticker (optional)

From $5 each

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Macaron Tower with Cake Combo

Macaron towers are customised to suit the amount of macarons required with a small 6" cutting cake on top.

These are packaged including full service delivery and set-up as they need to be assembled on site.

Macaron Towers:

A great alternative to cake with individual portions and a variety of flavours! Each package comes with an ample supply of macarons and the macaron tower to keep.

Macarons are provided in packs with the macaron tower for you to assemble at the venue (they don't transport well as a complete item), otherwise delivery and assembly can be arranged for a small fee.

4 Tier

IMG_5179 Large


Tower and 24 macarons in your choice of 2 flavours.

5 Tier



Tower and 36 macarons in your choice of up to 3 flavours.

6 Tier

IMG_4372 2 Large


Tower and 48 macarons in your choice of up to 4 flavours.

8 Tier



Tower and 84 macarons in your choice of up to 7 flavours.

10 Tier

IMG_1776 Large


Tower and 120 macarons in your choice of up to 10 flavours.

Macaron Flavour Menu:

*NEW* New York Cheesecake: 

Smooth, creamy cheesecake filling with a biscuit base crumb.

IMG_1102 Large

*NEW* Toffee Apple: 

Be prepared for nostalgia! Those toffee apple lollies from the 90's are back in the form of these yummy macarons, filled with a toffee apple ganache filling.

IMG_5774 Large

*NEW* Banana Nesquik: 

Macaron softly flavoured with Banana Nesquik and filled with my signature Cream Cheese filling - flavoured with Banana Nesquik. Like a smooth banana milkshake!

IMG_3685 Large

White Chocolate + Raspberry: 

FIRST PRIZE @ 2019 Royal Adelaide Show

White macaron with freeze dried raspberries baked into the shell. Whipped white chocolate ganache with freeze dried raspberry filling. 

IMG_5020 Large

'Milo for Lohlow': Affectionately named after my son Logan, who I lost to suicide in May 2020. He was 14 years old and loved Milo, and so this macaron has been created in his memory. Green macaron shell dusted with Milo powder and filled with Milo buttercream.

IMG_4974 Large

Burger Macarons (+50c surcharge): The cutest little burger! Bun coloured macaron shell with sesame seeds, fondant lettuce, cheese, tomato and finished with dark chocolate ganache to replicate the meat patty.

IMG_7663 Large

Cookies and Cream: White macaron shell sprinkled with Oreo crumbs, filled with a White Chocolate and crushed Oreo ganache.

IMG_5035 Large

Vanilla Coconut: White macaron shell with a smooth vanilla buttercream and coconut filling.

IMG_6723 Large

Cadbury Caramilk: Caramel coloured shell filled with the highly popular Caramilk ganache filling. 

IMG_5047 Large

Vanilla: White macaron shell with a smooth vanilla buttercream filling.

IMG_6122 Large

Toblerone (+50c surcharge): Chocolate macaron shell, filled with a decadent Toblerone ganache filling. Oh so dreamy and new to the flavour menu, this one is sure to be a favourite!

IMG_6709 Large

Cadbury Marble: Chocolate macaron shell, Cadbury Marble ganache filling with crushed Marble chocolate around the outside. Definitely a favourite among chocolate lovers!

IMG_7522 Large

Biscoff: White macaron shell sprinkled with Biscoff crumbs, filled with a White Chocolate and crunchy Biscoff ganache.

IMG_6728 2 Large

Strawberry Nesquik: Strawberry coloured macaron shell with a Strawberry Nesquik infused buttercream. Tastes just like a glass of strawberry milk!

IMG_9352 Large

Nutella: Chocolate macaron shell filled with decadent Nutella buttercream filling.

IMG_5026 Large

Blueberry Cheesecake: Blueberry coloured macarons shells filled with Blueberry Jam and cream cheese frosting

IMG_6816 Large

Red Ripperz: Pink macaron shell filled with Red Ripperz and white chocolate ganache.

IMG_5255 Large

Red Velvet: Chocolate flavoured macaron shell filled with Cream Cheese frosting

IMG_7549 Large

Choc Mint: Chocolate flavoured macaron shell with Dark Chocolate Mint Ganache filling

IMG_5560 Large

Iced Coffee: Coffee coloured macaron shell with milky coffee flavoured Buttercream filling

IMG_7555 Large

Musk: Soft pink macaron shell filled with musk flavoured smooth buttercream.

IMG_9369 Large

Salted Caramel: Teal coloured macaron shell with fluffy Salted Caramel filling

IMG_4996 Large

Lemon Cheesecake: Yellow macaron shell with home made lemon curd and Cream Cheese frosting filling.

IMG_4983 Large

Rainbow: White macaron shell sprinkled with 100's and 1,000's, filled with a rainbow vanilla buttercream.

IMG_5263 Large

Chocolate Indulgence: Chocolate flavoured macaron shell with whipped dark chocolate ganache centre.

IMG_6112 2 Large

Something missing? I'm always up for creating something new!