About Megs

My name is Megs (Megan) and I bake.

Some would say it's an obsession, but it's what I love.

I've had a 'sweet tooth' my whole life. As a child, I'd spend pocket money on lollies and on weekends I would bake cakes. My most favourite part of going to the Royal Adelaide Show would be when I got home and tipped my bags to pick out all the treats. Sugar just makes me happy.

I've been baking since ever since and I spend any spare time in the kitchen learning and inventing recipes to share. It feels a natural progression to take my passion and grow it into a business.

I am a self-taught at-home baker, living in Hallett Cove with my husband and young son. Megs Makes was initially started as a side-hustle in order to pay off some bad financial decisions, becoming my full time job in 2020.

Like many, 2020 and Covid created a lot of unease for the future. To add to this, my eldest son Logan took his life at only 14-years of age. My world forever changed and it became clear that returning to my life and my corporate job wasn't the right thing to do... it was from that moment I realised life is too short to not chase what makes me happy. I traded the corporate life for being home for my family and chasing my dream. Baking has become my therapy.

Megs Makes has given me exactly what I needed at a time I needed it the most.

Megs' Favourite Things:

Cake Flavour: White Chocolate Mudcake
Macaron Flavour: Lemon Cheesecake


Megs Makes in the Media: