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The Advertiser July 2023

All Megs Makes cakes are custom made using high quality ingredients. Each cake is baked fresh and decorated with the client's objective in mind.

Prices below are a guide only. For a quote and to check availability, please contact me directly.

To guarantee availability, please book with a minimum of 4-6 week's notice.

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Naked Number and Letter Cakes
Standard Height Cakes
Double Barrel/Tall Cakes

Source: The Advertiser - July 14th 2023

Cake Flavours:

  • Chocolate*
  • Vanilla*
  • Strawberry
  • Lemon
  • Caramel Mudcake
  • White Chocolate Mudcake
  • Chocolate Mudcake
  • Red Velvet Mudcake*

* These flavours can be made as Gluten/Dairy free.

Standard Height Cakes:

Standard Height/Single Tier cakes have 3 layers of cake inside and are made to suit those who prefer the more traditional cake height. 

All cake sizes below are referred to by their diameter/width and have a height of approximately 6-8" (15-20cm). Any cakes taller than this are considered a 'double barrel' or 'extended tier' style cake which can be found further down the page.

6" Standard Cakes

IMG_3791 Large

From: $175
Serves approx 15

7" Standard Cakes

IMG_4281 Large

From: $185
Serves approx 20

8" Standard Cakes


From: $235
Serves approx 30

9" Standard Cakes

IMG_2679 Large

From: $295
Serves approx 50

Double Barrel/Tall Cakes:

Also known as Extended Tier cakes. All cake sizes below are referred to by their diameter/width.

Megs Makes' signature tall cakes start from the Mini 4" diameter cake, up to a 10" Monster Cake. Cake heights depend on the amount of people required to feed and range from 8" to 14" tall.

Each cake in this range is stacked with a cardboard round in the middle to ease cutting and serving. As a result, these cakes can be made with up to two cake flavours as the top and bottom halves are separated (excluding 4" sizing).

4" Double Barrel Cakes

IMG_4739 Large

From: $95
Serves 4-6

5" Double Barrel Cakes

IMG_2809 Large

From: $140
Serves approx 8-10

6" Double Barrel Cakes

IMG_6801 Large

From: $235
Serves approx 30

7" Double Barrel Cakes


From: $255
Serves approx 40

8" Double Barrel Cakes

IMG_5328 Large

From: $295
Serves 50+

9" Double Barrel Cakes

IMG_3520 Large

From: $325
Serves 60+

10" Double Barrel Cakes

IMG_7640 Large

From: $350
Serves 70+

Naked Number and Letter Cakes:

Number/letter cakes are available in 2 sizes (serving approx 15 and 25 respectively) and can be decorated with figurines, chocolates, macarons, fresh fruit... the options are endless! I can make a single number (or letter), or combine numbers for a larger digit as seen below:


Two and Three Tier Cakes

Prices are determined by the design, level of detail and required serves.

Tiered cakes start at 25 serves and can be made with separate cake flavours for each tier.

IMG_6921 Large

Latest Cakes:

Here's a snippet of my most recent cakes.

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Something Different...?

Whether it's a different shape/size, a two tiered cake or a favourite character, if you have a specific design in mind, contact me for a chat!